Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Browse FREE with Pd-Proxy Using Any Network

It is a well known fact, that the cost of browsing is always an issue, no matter the country, the cost of browsing is always High, and if you can't afford it, then you just can't browse, no matter what.

But just think of a situation where you can browse, download movies, watch videos UNLIMITED without ever thinking about how much megabytes/gigs you have burn down, now, this is what i call FREE BROWSING!.

I used the PD -Proxy VPN service to check my jamb 2014 result, and you can also use it to check several other restricted websites too.

All thanks to this application, called "Pd-Proxy" which is 100% safe for your pc, and yes, i know you must have heard of them before, but i would love to share with you, a little secret.

What is Pd-Proxy?
Pd-proxy is an application that lets you, i mean, gives you the ability to surf the internet with out any worries.

Want to check this free browsing application out? then click the link below to check this perfect and awesome software out.

PD-Proxy VPN Service

How to Configure PD-Proxy
The steps is very simple, you only need to activate your plan, download pd-proxy software and you are set to start surfing the internet. I will write more on this… you can see the screenshot on how to set this up at pd-proxy website here

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